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Mobile home for digital nomads | ABIBOO Studio

This stylish trailer, which is small enough to park in an average garage but big enough to serve as our mobile home, even helps people to separate work and private life with its office and bedroom areas forming separate units.

The NoMad caravan consists of three units: in the middle, there’s a wet block, which strives to provide complete comfort with its bathroom and kitchen. On one side, there’s a sleeping unit, while there’s an office on the other, ensuring a pronounced separation of relaxation and work. The camping trailer is full of hidden storage units, so despite its compact size, it can hold everything you might need.

Four aspects prevailed in the design of the mobile home: it should be light yet resistant, insulated, and of course, pleasant to look at. The trailer can be parked anywhere, allowing its user to enjoy nature and remote work at the same time.

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Source: YankoDesign

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