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A bouquet of Eastern Europe | Robert Bartolen

Florist, fashion designer, designer, garden architect, creator—Robert Bartolen can be defined in many ways, but he is, in fact, all of these things combined. He makes his far-from-ordinary plant creations with a special approach, which makes us realize that there is more to plants than we might think.

The works of Robert Florolen, a Slovak florist and creative industry specialist, are diverse: sometimes, his creations appear in fashion magazines, other times, he makes the interiors of restaurants more special with them. The common trait in his works is that they become art by the hands of nature. Robert studied garden architecture at the Slovak University of Agriculture, his Slavic roots are very important to him, and his greatest inspiration is the Central European flora, and he likes to emphasize this in his works. He is particularly acclaimed internationally, having achieved overwhelming success in many foreign magazines and competitions, where now he already plays an important role as a jury member and organizer. In Robert’s words, flowers are the eternal companions of human life, as they are present in defining moments such as birth, baptism, first dates, marriage or death.

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Source: Floralfundamentals, Kávickári, Marginpar

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