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Lamps inspired by minerals | Bomma

The structure and perfectly smooth surface of minerals only uncover their optical magic once they encounter a source of light. The latest collection of the Czech BOMMA brand carrying the same name was inspired by the golden fire-stone also known as pyrite, which takes the craft of glassmaking to a new level.

The visual world of the new lighting objects was dreamed up by the designer duo of the Prague-based Dechem studio, Michaela Tomiskova and Jakub Jandourek, whose work also centers around lighting technology and glassmaking.

The pieces of the Pyrite collection draw a parallel between the glassmaking craft and the fascinating processes under the Earth’s surface that create minerals. The lighting objects shaped of crystal cubes are glass-blown and are encased from three sides in a polished metal component in either silver or gold tones. The Pyrite collection is the perfect combination of sophisticated design and premium quality materials, which cannot only be used as a singular element, but also in combination with others, in the form of lighting constellations.

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