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MVRDV designs Wrocław’s latest creative hub

The 19th century building standing on the riverside has been reinvented with contemporary extensions by leading architecture studio MVRDV.

The island of Słodowa has already been one of the most special spots of Wrocław, however, with the handover of the building of Concordia Design, it will have a solid place on the list of the coolest districts of the Polish city, for sure. Nathalie de Vries, a founding member of Dutch MVRDV also confirmed this, saying that this was the goal they had in mind when transforming the 19th century building into a creative hub.

Photos: Juliusz Sokołowski

Even though modern elements outweigh the old ones in the new building, the great picture still gives off a feeling of symmetry and harmony, as the division of the new façade follows the ratios of the old one. A café, an event venue and co-working offices are fitted in the light and airy spaces, but probably it will be the roof terrace that will attract the locals to the building the most. 

Source: designboom

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