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Nádvorie, the courtyard | Trnava, Slovakia

A massive change is taking place in Trnava old town in recent years: a community and cultural center is being built amidst the historical buildings. In the latest episode of our PACE X HYPEANDHYPER series, we brought you another sustainable community project: a special public space renovation.

Nádvorie (literally meaning courtyard) is located in the old town of Trnava, amidst old burghers’ houses. The area also preserving archaic memories serves as a multifunctional public space today, which received contemporary architectural additions owing to the work of Slovakian architect studio Vallo Sadovsky.

The square renovated in 2018 can be accessed from three entrances, thus, even though its a public space, it feels as though it was the private courtyard of a downtown building. The houses facing the courtyard give home to a restaurant, a bakery, a co-working office, a lecture hall and a talent management center.

Old and renovated buildings and contemporary additions coexist harmoniously here. The courtyard used to be only bordered by a wall on the right side – the architects replaced this with a narrow, lightweight building, with an exciting wooden grid structure on its façade.

“Walking on the streets and squares of a city while feeling like home is nice. Entering an inviting courtyard is feels homey. If contemporary can speak its own language by being at home in its own environment, it seems natural and light. There are no questions, only secrets to be explored…”

– Péter Fejérdy DLA, assistant professor
Photos: BoysPlayNice

In our series PACE X Hype and Hyper, we will showcase a prominent contemporary public building from the Central Eastern European region each week. 

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