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Nike releases new hands-free sneakers

When putting on Nike’s new high-tech sneakers, you don’t even have to bend over to tie your shoelaces: you only have to slide your feet into it, the rest is solved by the footwear itself.

Of course, some of us already handle shoelaces in a nontraditional way: Nike’s new shoes follow the process of people stepping into and kicking off their shoes. While this careless method significantly distorts the shape of traditional lace-up shoes, the new, intuitive GO FlyEase trainers fit perfectly on our feet when slipping into them and regain their shape when removing them.

Before we get outraged by how lazy humanity has become, let’s recall the long list of people for whom and situations in which this prototype sneaker can prove useful: from pregnant women through seniors struggling with back pain to Paralympics competitors without arms.

Source: Dezeen

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