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Nova Rudá kindergarten | Czech Republic

Nova Rudá kindergarten located in the outskirts of Liberec in the northern parts of the Czech Republic could have also resulted from a life-like need of caretakers: the more transparent an institution of the kind is, the easier the task of kindergarten teachers will be to keep an eye on the kids. Of course, this is a much simpler take on the situation than how funny it is, so let’s just stick to the fact that this kindergarten is really lighter, more sophisticated and more open than the average. Its glass-fibre plastic façade is almost translucent, an eternal playground for the light touching the building (as well as for the children), each and every storey of which gives home to another function. The ground storey is for sleep, and rooms designed for playing and learning sessions are located on the first storey. What one notices instantly is that there are no closed parts: every detail is connected to the outer spaces or is connected inside in an atrium-like manner.

The building consists of two parallel sections, with an open community terrace between them, which is connected to the corridors on the outer part.

It is truly joyful that more and more spectacular examples show in the region that kindergartens, schools and even health institutions are now developed along sophisticated concepts and that finding buildings of this quality is a less and less rare experience today.

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