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Polish everyday life on Instagram | poland.street.view

Those missing traveling very much have most likely discovered some virtual travel substitutes already at this point. We also came across a “stand-in” of the kind, allowing us to travel across Poland on Instagram.

There was absolutely no sign of the coronavirus yet when one of my friends, when asked whether she wanted to go out, said she’d rather stay home and explore Google Earth. Who would’ve thought that in only a few weeks time, everyone would do the same to replace traveling…

The Instagram account @poland.street.view was made for a similar reason: to show the country to people who cannot visit it owing to the quarantine or to travel restrictions. At the same time, the page does not invite users to explore the most beautiful spots of Poland – instead, they hand pick photos out of the shots of Google Street View showcasing the moments and participants of everyday life: people, dogs and sometimes even cows.

Despite doing it with the help of Google Street View and Instagram, the most loveable feature of @poland.street.view is that it evokes the atmosphere of the nineties, so it invites us to travel both in time and in space at the same time.

Source: The Calvert Journal

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