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Polish Minimalism | ÅOOMI

No, this is not IKEA, and not even something Scandinavian: the home textiles with gently geometric motifs and “sprinkled” pattern ceramics are made by the Polish ÅOOMI brand.

We have been greeting the “spotted” cups that we found in our favorite new wave café as old friends for some time now, and it turns out that the brand hides a Polish trio. Patrycja SzymuraSara Makuch and Kasia Sojka met at a screen printing course at the university, and even though they entered the world of design coming from different fields, they soon found that they understand each other very well. The synthesis of the three designers manifested in the ÅOOMI brand. 

The palette of the Polish brand offers ceramics, home textiles and stationary products. Whichever products you may choose, designers’ love for the material and patterns is displayed on each and every one of them. The unique handcrafted materials are made by using local materials, and most of the time the girls are inspired by the Polish landscape.

The first ceramics set of ÅOOMI reflects on the beauty of various stones and minerals: the designers found the perfect ceramics glaze after lengthy experiments, giving a truly unique look to the stoneware objects. You can find mugs, bowls and plates in the collection, which are in perfect harmony with each other in spite of their differences. 

The monochrome home textiles offer pieces that withstand the passing of both time and trends: we instantly fell in love with the gently geometric patterns of the various pillow cases and bed linen, and we bet that these would be worthy competitors of any Scandinavian brands. 

And as to stationery: the notepads, notebooks and posters are all made of premium quality paper, in the spirit of the timeless “less is more.” 

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