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Pottery and poetry

Effortless, spontaneous and delicate ceramics with poetic lines. The Pottery and poetry pieces are made by artist duo Maria Baleva and Zornica Genova in Sofia. Here’s what happens when an architect and a lawyer start a project together!

The idea of Pottery and poetry comes from Maria, who is one of the founding architects of Bulgarian FUNKT ARCHITECTS ; she creates the ceramics and also is in charge of the visual appearance of the brand. Zornica comes from a legal background, she writes the poems complementing the ceramic pieces and is in charge of marketing tasks.

“One evening, Maria pitched her idea of combining my poetry and her passion for pottery, as a form of encouragement, so that we can spend more time with the things that inspire us. I was head over heels when I heard the idea, as I was already quite impressed by Maria’s ceramics” – Zornica told us.

The aim of the project is to create objects and thoughts that not only inspire the creators, but others, too. The ceramics are hand-made, with free shaping, this is what makes each and every piece unique. The effortless shapes are sometimes matched with soft, dyed natural and indigo colors and at other times with vivid splashes of yellow, green and red. The Pottery and poetry pieces can serve both as household items and as the decorative elements of our homes.

“The best thing about Pottery and poetry pieces is that they sneak some art into our everyday routines. Art should become part of our to-do lists, like it was in the old days when people used to make their own clothing and almost everything was infused with some kind of artistic energy. I love eating my salad out of my own bowl, and I also pamper my other senses with it when I hold it in my hands or when I see it on the cupboard shelf in the kitchen. Every dish we serve in these ceramics tastes better, as the process of eating starts with observation” – the creators added.

If you would like to sneak some poetry and lovely ceramics into your everydays, here’s your chance: go and check out the Instagram page of Pottery and poetry.

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