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Prague supports the cultural sector with a pseudo festival

When it’s about nothing, it’s possible to hold a festival even amidst the coronavirus. Although the Prague-based Festival of Nothing 2020 does not offer any programs, it still represents great values.

The Covid-19 pandemic has put several sectors in an impossible position, including performance art and visual art. Now in Prague, quite a few clubs, galleries and theaters were gathered and the Festival of Nothing was announced, which, as the name suggests, does not offer any programs at all. However, it’s a good opportunity for the art-loving audience to support those working in the cultural sector.

 Artists across the Czech Republic are struggling with the coronavirus crisis. Many of them are actively helping their communities, although their own income has basically fallen to zero day by day: theaters are closed, concerts are not held, galleries are not allowed, and online survival alone is not guaranteed” – said Prague’s Councillor for Culture Hana Třeštíková.

The amounts generated will not only be given to artists, but the operators of venues (sound engineers, ticket vendors, cleaning staff and so on) will also receive some support. The ticket prices range from 20 to 5000 Czech krona (between HUF 260 and 65,000).

Anyone wishing to support the cause can purchase their tickets here.

Source: The Calvert Journal

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