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Resin workshop and tips for enterprises with Rezina Studio

The studio in Csengery utca is Alma Abonyi’s headquarters where she creates her resin products. Her guests can participate in a joint process of creation under her supervision, but they can also get tips from her on how to start a successful business in the framework of the Open Studios program of this year’s Budapest Design Week.

Alma is full of surprises. It became obvious as early as in her last year at secondary school, when she changed for home schooling just six months before her maturity exam in order to be able to take an admission exam to the University of Fine Arts instead of a chemistry department. Her determination bore fruit: she was admitted to the sculpture department at the first attempt.

After her initial uncertainties, Alma soon found out what material she intended to work with in the future. On a sudden impulse, she wanted to make a surf board, and, searching for ingredients, she  found resin, which has become her trademark, and owing to which she managed to achieve self-fulfilment not only in her creative activity but also in her attraction to chemistry.

Her enterprise has undergone multiple revamps in the past years since its launch in 2013, and the workshop of iconic Alma Abonyi bags has matured into a resin studio, where those keen on experimenting and crafting can find their favourite hangout.

Alma keeps advertising workshops on Rezina Studio’s Facebook page, for which the followers of Budapest Design Week can enjoy a 20% discount if they wish to join, by using the coupon code BDW2020. In addition, the designer offers further discounts and two online programmes: her presentation about resin, involving Fruzsina Speckmann, and a live Zoom-discussion with Bianka Bujdosó, moderated by Bence Csalár.

Program type: ONLINE, OFFLINE

Stay up-to-date about the programs of Budapest Design Week on the official website of the event series.

Photos: Balázs Mohai

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