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Sinking into snow on the mysterious lands of the Russian Arctic

The Kola Peninsula is located at the northwesternmost point of Russia, bordered by the Barents Sea and the White Sea. The mysterious land of Murmansk is reigned by arctic weather conditions all through the year, and thus it is also known as Russian Lapland. French photographer Céline Clanet observed this land mainly populated by Sámi people for five years, as a result of which we can explore the Kola Peninsula through her sensual visual story-telling in spite of the land’s harsh qualities.

Mark, Murmansk Mark, Mourmansk
Evgeniya, Great Patriotic War veteran
Garages, Murmansk
Luba, Murmansk Luba, Mourmansk
Midnight sun in July, Teriberka
Katya and Andreï
Vanya and Edik, Krasnoshchelye
Daria, Murmansk
Herd, Lovozero Troupeau, Lovozero
Nadia’s dog, sleeping on reindeer skins, Shonguy

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