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Ode to a color from Nizhnevartovsk

White is the color of the surface that reflects the entire spectrum of light invariably. When we see the color white in our everyday life, it’s often thanks to artificial pigments, such as titan dioxide. while in nature, milk and coconut are the whitest things we usually think of.

In Russia, white is the color of fresh snow. Even though the still lifes made of pristine Russian steppes don’t make us drop our jaws any more, shots depicting snow-white urban landscapes remain rare to this day—at least the ones that are not spoilt by the chaotic outdoor advertising boards and the orange-brownish slurries of melting chemicals. 

Siberian photographer Roman Gostev has made such an immaculate photo series of the city of Nizhnevartovsk, with the snapshots documenting everyday life as if singing an ode to the color white.

Roman Gostev | Instagram

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