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Pastel marketplace in a Baroque environment | KONNTRA

The new kiosks in the Baroque city center of Varaždin, Croatia do not add a new color to the environment of the old church and houses: they rather enhance the existing pastel tones, and with their flexibility, they give a new momentum to the old marketplace.

The traditions of craftsmanship, which have always been present in the area, started to flourish again in Varaždin over the past years, thus necessitating the modernization of the town’s famous artisan marketplace. The group of kiosks designed by architecture studio KONNTRA, which are spicing up their environment in a delicate yet effective manner, were placed on the square last year.

The modular kiosks were placed in a way enabling pedestrians to walk among them comfortably, and a small main square was also established in the center of the area. The boxes can be fully opened to the square from two sides, thus the craftsmen can establish showrooms both inside and outside, or can use the latter as their studio. 

The pink tone of the wooden façade evokes the colors of the pastel-toned walls of the church and the neighboring houses, in a more vibrant hue. When opened, the kiosks are dominated by the perforated plywood wall panels, and of course the products themselves, thus achieving the project’s goal: to better accentuate these hand-crafted items. 

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Source: ArchDaily

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