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#Staythefuckhome | An online bar opened in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg gives home to the first online-only bar giving isolated extroverts the chance to drink a cold beer in company. Or simply to be with others again. 

A Russian creative agency, Shishki Collective launched  Stay the Fuck Home bar with the aim of convincing people to stay home in order to combat the coronavirus pandemic. 

The rooms of the bar are available from all across the world, allowing us to meet strangers living in other countries, but we can also get together with our friends by entering the same room, via video chat. 

In the first 24 hours from the “opening”, more than 30,000 people visited  Stay the Fuck Home bar. The site offers more and more virtual rooms with different fancy names. One room can host a total of 12 people at the same time. 

“We are not ready to give up having fun, even when the world is about to collapse,” – says the homepage. “So that’s why we’ve created the Stay the Fuck Home bar … where you can stay isolated yet connected with people you love.”

“Borders are closing, but we are welcoming everyone from everywhere.”

Pour yourself a drink and join here.

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