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Sunshine for all—The Sunne lamp brings the colors of the sun into your home

Marjan van Aubel wants to achieve that people use as many energy-efficient solutions in their homes as possible through intelligent and visually enjoyable design. Dubbed Sunne, her latest lamp turns to the Sun—both for energy and for inspiration.

 In 2015, she won the London Design Medal for Emerging Talent and has since collaborated with brands and institutions on research-based projects. This is how she created her Sunne lamp, too, with Dutch energy research center ECN.TNO. 

“I believe in solar democracy: solar energy for everyone, everywhere,” Aubel sums up her extraordinary mission. With the Sunne lamp, the designer’s primary goal was to bring the operation of solar panels closer to the everyday life of people.

The shape of the Sunne lamp was inspired by the horizon: it captures the sunshine and shows the tones of sunset or sunrise horizontally, as a capsule. The singularity of the technology stems from the fact that instead of added sensors, it is the lamp itself that detects when the sun is going down.

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