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The era of hyper-realistic digital people | MetaHuman Creator

A new software developed by Epic Games lets you create photorealistic digital faces in minutes. Meet the app called MetaHuman Creator!

Creating realistic digital human faces has been one of the biggest challenges in 3D content production until now. Thanks to decades of research and development, it seems we’ll overcome these barriers, as the MetaHuman Creator software, available from browsers, allows anyone to create their own digital alter ego or unleash their imagination and create new characters with just a few clicks.

The software lets you choose from a number of preset faces from its database. The chosen face can then be refined down to the smallest details: skin and eye color, hair, veins, facial muscles, teeth, life-like wrinkles or even split ends of hair can be added and modified freely to create the most lifelike face possible.

The MetaHuman Creator is only available in a limited version for now.

Source: Designboom

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