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The first space hotel is planned to open in 2027

The Orbital Assembly Corporation will begin the construction of the world’s first luxury hotel orbiting Earth in 2025. According to plans, it will be open for guests in 2027.

Built as part of the Voyager Station, the space hotel will feature a gym, a cinema, a restaurant and a spa, as well as panoramic views of the Earth. With an accomodating capacity of about four hundred people, the hotel’s design will take the shape of a huge ring, and to make guests feel more comfortable, its continuous rotation will produce artificial gravity.

A total of twenty-four modules are planned to be built: each unit will be twenty meters long and twelve meters in diameter. A single module offers a total of 500 square meters of habitable area, spread over three floors. In addition to entertainment units, at least twelve modules will be dedicated to hotel rooms and suites.

Source: Designboom

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