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The most beautiful bookstores in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

One of the really lucky trends these days is that reading has come back in style. Be it contemporary or classical, Hungarian or world literature, reading has become cool. At the same time, more attention is being paid to bookstores. Like a library, these are the places we first meet a book. Whether a volume will be your love will only be revealed if you read it. Our selection of Eastern European bookshops follows today.

Panta Rhei & Café Dias | Modern bookstore and café in Bratislava (Slovakia)

One of the most beautiful bookstores in Bratislava was born from a joint project of one of Slovakia’s leading book chains and Café Dias. The atmosphere of the shop captivates those who want to read. The books are fully supported by the store’s functional yet low-key design. 

Massolit Books & Café | Foreign language book paradise in Krakow (Poland)

A few minutes from Krakow’s Old Town you will find the Massolit foreign language bookstore and café. It is a real little island for those who are looking to read in a language other than their mother tongue. The bookstore and the café expects visitors as a book oasis, providing a venue for several cultural programs as well.

phil | Hipster bar and bookstore in Vienna (Austria)

We can discover many, many faces of the place called phil when we get to the Austrian capital. The trendy meeting place also functions as a popular bar, hipster café and a bookstore with a wide range. The bookstore that is both bustling and full of tranquility is a must-see if you are in Vienna. 

Knjizara Akademija | Belgrade dream hidden in a bookstore (Serbia)

Inside and out, splendor permeates the luxurious bookstore of Knjizara Akademija. The bookstore located in a corner building is a real curiosity for both local and foreign readers. Even the showcase, which reflects the visual language of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, is impressive, and entering the store, the effect is enhanced when we see the huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. 

Kulkul | Bookstore and delicatessen in Ljubljana (Slovenia) 

The Kulkul shop in Ljubljana is a real paradise, as what could be better than a combination of books and culinary delicacies. Gastronomy and literature fit well in the historic building that houses the shop, which was once home to a coffee roasting plant. In addition to classic and newer cookbooks, you will also find the real delicacies of Slovenian cuisine here.

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