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TISZA joins #fashionrevolution

Under the flag of Fashion Revolution Week, TISZA also wants to introduce the subcontractors and workers behind the brand whom they are very proud of and without whom their quality products could not exist. By doing so, they want to call attention to the importance of domestic production and to the few light industry undertakings that remained in business and whom the buyers of the brand also support indirectly. 

A pair of Tisza shoes, a piece of clothing or accessory is the result of the hard work of a number of people who manufacture the various products in Hungary, in small series, in high quality, with their own hands. 

The TISZA team is a big believer of less is more: according to them, a well-chosen and high-quality product can serve as a good companion in the long run and is worth the investment. 

It’s enough to think of the new colorful collection of Tisza SPORT, which debuted here, on HYPEANDHYPER.

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