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TOBE Gallery X Easy Wine | Budapest

At Easy Wine bar opened in Hold utca, one can get closer not only to wines, but to contemporary art, too.

In addition to innovative wine tasting and fusion bistro kitchen, Easy Wine also incorporates contemporary art into its profile. In collaboration with TOBE Gallery located in Bródy Sándor utca, new contemporary works of art are exhibited in the bistro from time to time.

For the first time, the piece of Barcelona-based Carla Tabora titled Reinterpreted tree (Árbol reinventado) was placed on the wall. Tabora chose drawing as medium that resolves the boxy framework of photography and embraces the installation, suggesting the notion of infinity as a compelling experience. The main intention of the artist was to create a natural map of senses, to reinterpret the questions of human existence along which we merge with our natural habitat and within that, life itself.

About Easy Wine Budapest:

Wine tasting can be innovative, too: in Hungary, one can try the Italian WineEmotion system in Easy Wine bar in downtown Budapest, which is an automat that recommends wines to us adjusted to our taste out of the 100 premium wines of the bistro. The peculiarity of the wine selection is that it mainly includes items that are rarely accessible for us to taste by buying a single glass. The scale of tasting can be selected from three amounts: a quarter, 1 or 2 dl, which we can pour to ourselves easily and quickly by pressing the button above the wine.

The goal is to feel ourselves the least tense possible if we drop by for a quick lunch or casual dinner. The environment also reflects casual elegance and the menu is no different, either: fusion bistro kitchen with Hungarian and international specialties.

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