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Ukrainian book covers from the 20th century

From world literature to Soviet political propaganda – here’s an Instagram feed that guides us through the entire 20th century with the help of Ukrainian book covers.

One of the many creative online projects that were born due to the lockdown: UX designer Lana living in Lviv, Ukraine decided that the covers of old Ukrainian books deserve their own Instagram page.

The owner of the page @ukranianbookdesign presented her project on The Calvert Journal. The selection features the covers of books from the 1930s to the 1990s. 

In addition to pieces of Ukrainian and world literature, the collection also includes pieces of political propaganda. Each and every one of the covers would hold their ground as a poster, too, but what makes them truly fascinating is that even though they are authentic manifestations of Soviet aesthetics, they still represent the era in a much braver and bolder manner. 

In the world of strict censorship, book covers meant an escape route for graphic artists, allowing them to express their creativity more freely. 

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