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YKRA’s new limited collection is out now

Skyscrapers from New York, gondolas from Venice, surfers from Maui and felucca sailing boats from the Nile: the new, limited bag collection of YKRA takes us to the exotic places all around the world. Here comes the JETSET mini collection featuring the illustrations of Viola Balázs!

The YKRA bags pop up more and more frequently on the most diverse points of the world, so it was kind of a given that the brand would cover the topic of traveling in one way or another. With their latest collection, they celebrate the glory days of aviation and the dawn of today’s modern tourism.

“In the seventies, air travel was considered a luxury, and traveling to faraway exotic lands remained a dream for ordinary people. In this era, the expression jet set denoted a layer of society that was still able to travel around the world. One day, they would be partying in New York, while the next day they would take a rest on a white sandy beach. We wanted to convey the romance of this lifestyle with our JETSET collection. Today, this world is completely gone, and has been replaced by mass tourism. Air travel became an everyday claustrophobic experience, however, this form of tourism is not sustainable, as it has both cultural and environmental impacts on the world. With our latest collection, we long for the idealized milieu of an age long gone” – YKRA founder Balázs Lakatos told us.

The characteristic patterns displayed on the JETSET bags – designed by Viola Balázs, the designer of the VYF brand – were inspired by the typical travel posters of the seventies. Another novelty is that the focus was placed on vivid tones (in deviation from the brand’s usual designs), and the iconic YKRA logo is also displayed in different colors than before, in orange and pink for the first time.

What makes the limited collection even more special is that there are no two products with the same pattern, making these bags true collector’s items. Go and explore the JETSET bags in the online store of the brand!

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