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Vacuum-inspired motorcycle

Almost everyone knows Dyson’s vacuum cleaners and hairdryers, especially for their unique shape and design. Rashid Tagirov took this extraordinary visuality a step further, and molded it into a motorcycle concept.

Written by Márk Szolomayer

Dyson’s vacuum cleaners have always reminded me of rockets, and I think we can all agree that there is not much of a difference between motorcycles and rockets anyway. Tagirov sketched the “vacuum cleaner motorbike” back in 2019—he says, he did it only for fun at the time. This year, however, he had so much free time that he decided to take his sketch to the next level and flesh it out in 3D. 

The concept is fully fledged; it shows that Tagirov has dedicated quite some time to this project already. The motorbike oozes power and speed. The former vacuum cleaner gives the body of the motorbike, which is completed by the two wheels. If that isn’t futuristic enough, the dashboard of the bike is practically a transparent LCD screen, displaying everything from speed to navigation. 

Seeing how car manufacturers are becoming braver with designs in the case of electric cars, I wouldn’t be surprised if this concept or a similar one would indeed become reality soon.

This is not the first motorbike concept Rashid Tagirov created based on another appliance. His motorbike concept inspired by Marshall’s amplifier is similarly fascinating: if you’d like to see more of Tagirov’s concepts, you can check them out here.

Source: Yanko Design

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