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Volkswagen debuts a new model designed for camping

Volkswagen released a comfortable Mini-Camper expandable with a tent and outfitted with a panoramic glass roof, and presented its latest model on lovely illustrations.

As a result of the lockdown, the freedom offered by nature has become even more appealing, and camping also enjoys widespread popularity. Car manufacturers seem to have noticed this trend, too – now it was Volkswagen’s turn to release a new model optimized for camping.

The Mini-Camper is the smaller version of VW’s previous Caddy model, but even with this size, it comes with everything that may be of use during a trip. Its 1.4 sqm glass roof allows its users to sleep under the starry sky, and it also offers camping equipment. The highlight feature of the vehicle is the tent, giving us additional space when attached to the back of the car. VW has only released the designs on lovely illustrations so far, further details and the full debut of the car can be expected in September.

Source: designboom

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