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Oval-shaped, retro-futuristic looking, self-sustainable housing unit on only 6.3 square meters. Meet SPACE, the latest eco-house of Slovakian globally renowned startup Ecocapsule!

The micro-house called SPACE is an intelligent, self-sustainable living unit, utilizing solar and wind power. This allows it to be installed at remote places far from infrastructure, while providing maximum comfort to its user. The small eco-house can be used as an RV, a garden mobile office, a research station, a guest room or really for any other purpose we need at the given moment.

How did SPACE come into being and what is the story of the brand?

Ecocapsule’s story goes back to 2009, when architecture studio Nice Architects participated on the Andes Sprout Societycompetition, inviting participants to design a small house for an artist. Even though they did not win the design contest, Ecocapsule was included in inhabitat.com’s selection featuring the most interesting projects, and this brought the breakthrough for them. The team received many orders, which encouraged them to further develop the micro-house, however, the Ecocapsule was not ready for operating as a self-sustainable and independent house back in 2009. Ultimately the first prototype was completed in 2014, which was originally intended as a living unit for people who have to stay in nature for a longer period of time, including scientists, rangers, photographers or tourists looking for extreme adventures. 

Transportability, mobility and long term energy independence, however, opened new potential opportunities for Ecocapsule. Over time, single people with high income also started to enquire about the micro-houses from places including New York or the Silicon Valley. The first exclusive series of the brand consisting of 50 Ecocapsules was primarily sold in the United States, Australia, Japan and certain countries of the European Union, and then in 2019, they also managed to release its more cost-friendly version – this is how SPACE came into being.

SPACE provides comfortable shelter for two people. Its basic version, starting from EUR 49,900, contains a built-in wardrobe made of lightweight honeycomb panels with a wood veneer finish and LED lighting. If you’d like to further finetune its interior, complement it with extra furniture, or would like to change the color of its exterior, you can even customize your capsules with the team of Ecocapsule.

The first SPACE Ecocapsule was already installed in Switzerland, in the municipality of Guttannen. Check out Ecocapsule’s website or Facebook page for further novelties!

Source, photos: Ecocapsule

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