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Watch the landing of Perseverance live

NASA allows us to be part of a defining moment in history on Thursday at 8:15 PM CET: they stream the Martian landing of their rover Perseverance live online!

The mission of NASA’s rover will take one Martian year, equivalent to approximately 687 Earth days. The robot collecting rock and soil samples will also look for signs of life on the red planet. It will collect data related to the petrology and biology of Mars with the help of a device that lands in the Jezero Crater: the rover travels bundled up with a helicopter named Ingenuity, which only weighs two kilograms. This can be the first device ever to fly on an extraterrestrial planet.

Perseverance will penetrate the atmosphere of Mars with the help of a heat shield and will be supported by a parachute and a jetpack to land. We can’t know the exact time of the landing: according to NASA’s plans, the post-landing news roundup won’t take place before 11:30 PM CET, so those who do not want to miss the moment should prepare for a long night. The stream will start on Thursday at 8:15 PM CET, and will be available on many different platforms: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitch will all stream the landing, but NASA’s own app will also help us keep up with the events.

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