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Welcoming spring with an ethereal collection | Manuela

Dubbed GOOSE, the Manuela brand’s all-year collection breaking away from the usual seasonality of the fashion industry and launched last fall has arrived to a new chapter. The brand’s collage-patterned prints return in a spring-like color palette, on the magical photos of Zsófi Bodnár, resulting in a Scandinavian minimalist vibe, spiced up with warmth and a touch of eclecticism.

We have been keeping an eye on Manuéla Maráczy’s work for years now. The essence of the brand built on artistic foundations lies in the characteristic collage pattern. To Manuéla, collage is a philosophy: she unravels her thoughts and feelings through this technique, thus creating a visual language that forms a bridge between art, design and her personal world. She believes that life itself is similar to collages: it is made up of the people, impressions and memories surrounding us.

“Perhaps I am the muse myself. There are times I turn to the unpleasant feelings or happy moments of everyday life for inspiration, while at other times, I am inspired by a shape or a color,” the designer told us.

The brand was previously specialized in kidswear, but in the fall of 2020, it went through a massive transformation. They expanded their target group and their repertoire at the same time: in addition to menswear and womenswear, they also released artworks and decorative elements related to the collections. “The brand is for anyone and everyone. I try to simplify the given pieces so that they can be independent from gender and age,” Manuéla told us.

The GOOSE collection was inspired by wild geese and nature. “Wild geese are not only beautiful animals: they live freely in groups, in families. This is the feeling I long for: to be surrounded by a large, warm and loving family,” the designer added. 

The pieces unveiled in the spring were inspired by the colors of goose feathers. The harmonious tones pop up on swimsuits, loose shirts and jackets, resulting in a fresh and light overall effect.

The extraordinary ethereal photos were taken by Zsófi Bodnár in an empty studio near the Danube. Manuéla was captivated by the retro feeling and minimalism of the space: it reminded her of the studios of her old art high school. The venue’s atmosphere conveys openness, and evokes the feeling of sunny free summer mornings.

Photo: Zsófia Bodnár
Model: Lenke Anna Bartha, Milán Lovas
Make up: Zsófia Hajdú

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