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How can a thousands of years old soft drink recipe still be relevant and popular? Polish Vigo Kombucha is one of the brands that, while respecting traditions but in line with modern needs, make it possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The history of kombucha dates back thousands of years. The original recipe is thought to have originated in ancient China, but throughout history, black or green tea-based drink has been considered a popular health-preserving and refreshing elixir in many other parts of the world. Following this recipe, Vigo Kombucha makes its fermented drinks in several variations.

In addition to the various flavors, you can choose from lighter, more refreshing and with a more characteristic taste, “strong” kombuchas based on the length of the fermentation. Vigo is becoming more and more well-known among health-conscious consumers worldwide, and we hope that it will be widely available in Hungary as soon as possible.

Photos: Vigo Kombucha (Facebook)

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