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When the holidays are over

… mass graves of Christmas trees start to appear on street corners, at the trash bins, and even in bus stops. Or, to be more accurate, what is left of them, as they are not exactly in the condition they were in their glory days. And of course, there are some people who don’t want to dump naked “homeless” pines on the streets, so they leave some of the decorations and empty candy packaging on…

For sure, those living in flats cannot be judged over the fact that they do not have stoves and so, in the absence of anything better, they throw their trees out on the streets, it still paints quite a miserable picture when the trees carefully selected for the holidays are lying on the sidewalks in the middle of January.

The company responsible for the maintenance of public spaces (FKF Zrt.) removes approximately 600 thousand Christmas trees after the holidays each year. After Epiphany on January 6, the “outplacement” dumping begins, which can last for one or one and a half months. Throwing out the trees is not completely useless, as our Christmas trees are first chopped and then they are used as fuel in the furnaces of the Capital Waste Recovery Facility.

“Owing to their high resin content, pine trees are perfect fuel materials, with the thermal utilization of which heating steam and power is supplied to tens of thousands of households in Budapest.”

We would like to cheer up this post-holiday melancholy with a website presenting the death of a Christmas tree and its wrong “outplacement” action…