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A classic pencil can be digital, too

French startup iskn collaborated with the prestigious Faber-Castel to create a digital drawing board allowing us to draw on any paper, with any pencil. In contrast with the similar products available on the market, pencils do not slip on the surface of Repaper at all, making it seem as if we were sketching on a simple notepad, and it even makes the graphite crackle on the paper – analogue feeling in a digital world.

But how does it work? Choose your favorite pencil, slip on the Repaper ring, and attach a preferred sheet of A5 paper and you can start drawing right away. The graphics made with the help of the tool compatible with a smartphones, tablets and computers are not only displayed on paper, but on the given screen too, thus offering even more freedom to creatives. In addition, similarly to other digital drawing boards, Repaper is also pressure sensitive, which means it can track and display line thickness of your pencil stroke.

If you are intrigued by Repaper, you can purchase the pack containing a Faber-Castell pencil at a discounted price on this link in the framework of a special summer sale.

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