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Kinetic toy | Flipo Flip

The Flipo Flip can function both as a handful object and a toy. Owing to its precise design, the small metal tool can be set into motion easily.

Taking a few moments of silence and relaxation can feel nice in the daily rush – this is what the designers of Flipo Flip had in mind when they created the first prototype of the toy dynamically moving on flat surfaces (for example on an office desk). It was followed by a lengthy product development phase until they found the perfect angle, size and weight that can ensure the swift movement of the object. 

The shape of Flipo Flip allows us to set the object into motion with a single flip, which will then roll around its axis or swing to and fro. 

Even though it may seem simple, according to the designers, it takes practice to find the perfect flipping intensity, and so the toy does not only entertain, but also challenges us. In addition, you can also learn Flipo Flip tricks on the Kickstarter page of the project.

Flipo Flip is made of a type of aluminum also used in aeronautics, making it easy and corrosion-resistant, while its compact size allows us to keep it in our pockets.

The Flipo Flip is available in aluminum or yellow brass, in two shapes (QUAD and HEXO).

Source: core77

Flipo Flip | Kickstarter

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