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Feel the music in your bones! | Sentien Audio

Forget wearing headphones—Sentien Audio’s wireless, touch- and hand-guided, open-ear headphones promise all-day comfort and great sound. The smart headset carries the sound to the inner ear through bone conduction, leaving the ears free so that both the sounds of the outside world and the music reach us.

An additional benefit of the technology is that nothing is heard by the outside world of what we are listening to, and thanks to the noise-canceling microphone, even on a Zoom call, we sound as if we were sitting face to face with our colleague. The 30-gram device, when paired with a phone, not only makes calls and sends notifications, but can also detect six different hand gestures on either side, which can be customized in the Sentien app. It can play ten hours of music continuously on a single charge, so it works for days without charging under normal use. The smart headphone created by an international startup, which has Czech, Swiss and American members, is flexibly adjustable, and thanks to its ergonomic design, it can be as comfortable to wear in everyday life as a pair of glasses or a watch.

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