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An oasis on your desk | Terraplanter

 Terraplanter is a hydroponic pot, where the soil providing nutrients in the traditional method is replaced by water. 

The operation of the device is fairly simple. The inside of the pot functions as a water bank, and it is made from a solid yet porous ceramic material. On the outside of the planter, approx. 1400 tiny cells provide grip for plant roots and an appropriate degree of humidity. Industrial designer and plant enthusiast Eran Zarhi and his partner Elad Zurko designed the terraplanter for urban plant lovers who don’t want the maintenance and mess associated with growing plants indoors, as this hydroponic pot allows for the soil-free growing of plants.

Watch how your own plant grows on your desk day by day and support this amazing Kickstarter campaign! 

Terraplanter | Facebook | Kickstarter

source: designboom

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