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A robotic lawn mower powered by artificial intelligence | Toadi

Toadi, your new smart garden assistant promises not to destroy your flowers and not to drive into your garden pond either – instead, it will mow your lawn precisely and will take care of your garden.

The device works along similar principles as expensive robotic vacuum cleaners – first it explores the field, and then it will occupy it according to the parameters set in the application. This way, we can designate the areas where the lawn needs to be mowed, and the ones where we don’t want it to do any damage.

As opposed to the robotic lawn mowers currently available on the market, we don’t need to mark the boundaries of the lawn with wires; Toadi comes with a camera, and owing to A.I., it is able to recognize objects and animals, too. It also comes with night vision, so we can set it to alert us if it detects movement in the garden.

The device itself is 3D printed, and the four moving blades are made with a titanium cover. The pieces of the device are manufactured locally in the countries where the product is available at the moment. The project is currently on Kickstarter.

Toadi | Web | Kickstarter | Youtube

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