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Miniature statues in a postmodern form | tetri.objects

A collection of statuesque, decorative objects, drawing on Postmodern architecture: meet the creations of Austrian-born Selina Kanner, aka tetri.objects! 

Selina Kanner studied business in Paris and Berlin, but later decided to pursue her aspirations in architecture and interior design. She started to experiment with her objects two years ago, and has considered it her love project ever since. She decided to unite her interest in postmodern design and architecture as well as 3D printing and to create her special object collection as a result of an exhibition covering the oeuvre of Otto Wagner.

The statuesque artworks created under the name tetri.objects are made of several materials and are available in various color combinations.

“Lately I have been particularly interested in keeping the initial design, but using different materials to create different feels of the objects. I have tried concrete and aluminum for example, but my latest favorite is resin: I like the transparent, glass-like feel of synthetic resin very much. In the long run, I am also intrigued by experimenting with more sustainable materials, but as each and every piece is hand-made, not every material is suitable for creating tetri-objects” – Selina told us.

In addition to their visual appearance, tetri.objects pamper our senses with their fragrance, too: some of them are also available with lavender and cypress aroma.

If you’d like to spice up your home with a tetri.object, go and check out the online store of the brand! According to Selina’s plans, soon we’ll be able to purchase them not only as decorative elements, but in the form of candles and soaps, too. Can’t wait!

Photos: Marietta Varga

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