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Baroque rectory turned into a contemporary school

Public Atelier in collaboration with architecture studio FUUZE brought a Baroque building to new life in Vřesovice, the Czech Republic. The building recognized as a national cultural monument was extended with sensitive additions, resulting in a fine combination of heritage preservation and contemporary aesthetics.

The former rectory has given home to Vřesovice Elementary School since 2013. Its roof needed a repair, the school needed more classrooms and capacity expansion, and the workers also needed to move more freely across the grounds. They also wanted to put the courtyard to use.

The architects proposed the establishment of new hallways for simpler and more open movement within the building to connect the various facilities – this way, the old and new architectural elements are intertwined but are still visually separate.

The original parts of the building were complemented with a new, classic façade, simple red roof tiles and brass elements. In contrast, the newly established elements are characterized by a simple, clean geometry and a blue, yellow, red and green façade. The vivid and playful choice of color is also dominant in the interiors.

“As far as the needs of the school are concerned, the historical building had several limitations. New architectural elements not only improved the conditions for the children and teachers but also transformed their time spent at school into an experience of the space”  – the architects added.

In addition to the new hallways, the interiors of the building were also redesigned: most of the school facilities have been moved to the first floor, where the classrooms can enjoy views of the nearby Church of St Peter and St Paul.

Photos: Boysplaynice (Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma)

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