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The scent of space | eau de space

We came across a groundbreaking project today: in the framework of a Kickstarter project, NASA could bring the smell of the space down to earth. As we already mentioned in a previous article, the future holds many exciting things on the field of space research, and the experiences and opportunities offered by explorations beyond the earth could become available to broader layers of the population. 

This project is another opportunity of the kind, offering greater insight to the mysteries of space for ordinary people, too.

Many years ago, NASA developed a scent with a scent specialist to help train astronauts and help them get used to the challenges occurring in space. Now the team of eau de space managed to get their hands on its formula and if their campaign succeeds, we will soon be able to the smell space, too.

In an interview with CNN in 2002, an astronaut described the smell of space as an odd, smoky scent. He claimed that the smell resembled a combination of steak, raspberries and rum, or that of a gun right after you fire the shot.

Truth be told, many of us would rather smell this scent at a tasty dinner party than on ourselves.

The Kickstarter project: 

eau de space | project

source: designboom

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