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Companies of Musk and Bezos selected to land first woman on the moon | NASA

2024 will not only see Paris hosting the Olympic Games – there is another large-scale event yet to come: the moon expedition planned by NASA, making it the second in the history of mankind.

NASA has commissioned American billionaire Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin as well as Tesla leader Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Dynetics to develop vehicles for its planned moon landing.

The first women will be placed on the moon by the Artemis program in 2024. The choice of name is no coincidence – as a continuation of the Apollo program landing the first man on the moon, the new project was named after Artemis, Greek goddess of the Moon.

The three companies will spend the next ten months designing and developing in order to create the human landing system of the Artemis program. 

SpaceX ‘s initial design
The three-stage landing vehicle designed by Blue Origin
Dynetics’ development

Source: Dezeen

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