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A self-driving tram for Hong Kong | Andrea Ponti

In his latest project, Hong Kong-based and Italian-born star designer Andrea Ponti proposed an extravagant tram prototype fitting into the urban milieu not only in terms of function, but in terms of design, too. 

The tram was inspired by the characteristic double-decker vehicles on the streets of Hong Kong. Not only is the concept worthy of our attention due to its technology, but the designer’s principle, too, as Ponti created it while bearing the notion of social distancing in mind.

The tramway vehicle called ‘Island’ was named after the design of the interior, where instead of facing each other or placed after one another, the chairs are scattered around as islands – thus facilitating social distancing and offering an even more splendid view to passengers. The latter is further promoted by the curved windows and the domed top. 

The passenger-centered design is also enhanced by the driverless technology, enabling city dwellers to travel in both ends of the tram. 

The tram prototype also comes with a stop design, allowing the new tram to come into perfect harmony with its urban environment through its sleek design.

Andrea Ponti | Web | Behance

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