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Spacecrafts sent by three countries will soon reach Mars

The United Arab Emirates, China and the United States have launched a spacecraft to Mars last year: these could all reach the red planet in the next two weeks.

The UAE and China are conquering Mars for the first time, while for NASA, this is their first attempt at sending a Martian helicopter to the planet.

The rockets were sent out last summer, and the reason for all three missions coinciding is that the distance between Earth and Mars was the most optimal at that time. This happens once every two years, and in 2020, three countries took advantage of the opportunity.

The spacecraft sent by the UAE is due to arrive on February 9. Once there, it will study the planet’s atmosphere and weather for nearly two years. The Chinese Tianwen-1 spacecraft will orbit Mars for three months and then deploy a lander and a rover to land at the Utopia Planitia plain in May.
NASA’s rover named Perseverance will arrive at the Jezero Crater around February 18 and will search for traces of past life.

Source: The Verge

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