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Musk’s version of life on Mars | SpaceX

The early settlers colonizing Mars could live in glass domes before terraforming the planet – at least according to Tesla and SpaceX leader Elon Musk.

In a recent tweet, the billionaire entrepreneur, who this week became the third richest person in the world, proposed glass domes as a viable way of life on Mars before the red planet is made fit for human habitation. Musk’s ideas are anything but small-scale: he plans to populate Mars with a million people by 2050 with the help SpaceX. He has already shared previously that he wanted to conquer the planet in his lifetime, and based on his recent tweets, his intentions are serious. His short term goal is to establish a human base on the planet by 2030.

This is what everyday life on Mars could be like for early settlers

Terraforming would take place with fairly aggressive tools according to Musk: he would target the ice caps at the poles of the planet with nuclear weapons to induce accelerated warming and thus to achieve compatibility with human life. Musk says the process won’t be a speedy one: the change will not take place in our lifetime, but it will be able to make it comfortable for humans to live on the planet.

SpaceX’s spacecrafts could carry the first Martians from the Earth

It’s an acknowledged fact, however, that in the present state of scientific knowledge there are no tools available that could make Mars inhabitable for humans. Yet Musk doesn’t seem to care too much about this: his Twitter profile currently displays the colonized image of Mars, and SpaceX also offers a T-shirt with the slogan ‘Nuke Mars’ in its online store.

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Source: Independent

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