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Stylish comfort on the streets and at home | Printa

In the spirit of spending more time at home due to the coronavirus, Printa’s latest collection is all about comfort: the COMFORT pieces are suitable for street wear, but we just want to wrap ourselves in their soft clothes and snuggle up on the couch all day long…

Printa responds to the year 2020 with a collection comfortable both in terms of materials and design, boasting gorgeous earthy tones. The team reimagined their existing fall pieces, and the result is a selection consisting of clothes perfect for snuggling at home or being out and about. Worn in itself or combined with others: each piece is simple and great.

The clothes are made of eco-friendly materials and methods, by minimizing sartorial waste. The face of the collection is actress Kata Bach, a member of Vígszínház’s company.

“I don’t have many clothes – I recently read about the term capsule wardrobe, which means that you only have a few clothing items that combine well with each other. This is what my wardrobe is like” – Kata Bach explains, who has become truly committed to eco-conscious living since her daughter was born. “I started looking for eco-conscious alternatives before the birth of my daughter. I imagined how the baby floats in the warm and pure amniotic fluid, in dim light, and then she is born and the first things she sees are rubber gloves, neon light and the hospital bedsheet. So I took a soft, dark red textile to the hospital: this is what she was wrapped in first. This was the first step that sparked up a long process in me.”

If you crave comfort and warmth with the approach of winter, go and check out Printa’s COMFORT collection in their online store or their showroom in Rumbach Sebestyén utca.

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