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The spring-summer bag collection of Vengru is out today

Vengru will present its latest bag collection on Wednesday evening. As suggested by the name, the items of the spring-summer 2020 “INTO THE WILD” collection are dominated by animal prints and natural colors, but the playfulness so characteristic of the brand is not left out either.

Your new spring-summer bag collection is titled ‘Into the Wild”. What inspired you when designing the collection? Where did your first idea come from? How much does your collection fit to current fashion trends?

The same as before, we built on the feedback of our customers and reached back to the roots of Vengru in the design process: we only concentrated on the variable basic items, changed the little details from an aesthetic point of view, and the bags became even more practical. In terms of colors, we started off from a more clean line, and the bags became more sophisticated through the modification of details. As to materials, we stayed at cattle and goatskin, with crocodile print (popular in several seasons now) playing the lead role this time.

Variable, elegant, playful – these expressions pop into our minds about the Vengru brand. How do you see it: how open is the Hungarian customer audience to this? What feedback do you get from your customers?

We have been present at PAULA Concept Store for a year now with several other brands: on one day each week we (Tamás Faragó and Boglárka Szögi-Csomány, the designers of Vengru– the ed.) are at the store, this way we can establish an even more close connection with our customers. The brand celebrates its third birthday this year, and during these years, we could obtain several regular customers and we see that once someone gets to know the brand and gets the hang of variability, they will come to love it very much. Impulse purchases are quite rare in our case, but we don’t build our strategy and brand on it.

Your press material says: “The brand prepares for an absolute renewal from the next season.” What does this mean, and what can fans expect? Can you reveal some details about this? 

As we have already mentioned, we further developed the basic designs and we would like to build on that in the future, too. We would like to shift towards a more well-thought, practical and sophisticated direction, the designs of the new panel bags are also in progress.

The new collection will debut this evening at Paula Concept Store. 

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