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MOME names its new scholarship after a legendary Hungarian designer

As part of its renewal, MOME will also significantly increase its support services aimed at students. The university’s scholarship of excellence now bears the name of Stefan Lengyel, an internationally recognized Hungarian designer.

Stefan Lengyel graduated from the Hungarian College of Applied Arts, the legal predecessor of MOME. His name is associated with the design of the cassette tape recorder and the Ganz articulated tram, and his work was honored with professional awards thirty times. In addition to Hungary, he also worked in Germany, Finland, Japan, the United States, Italy and Taiwan. He was head of the design department at both the University of Duisburg-Essen and MOME, and his students are now working as professionals at companies of global reputation. He initiated the cooperation between MOME and Mercedes-Benz, in the framework of which Hungarian students have now been planning the cars of the future in Budapest for almost twenty years. In 2008, Lengyel was awarded the Cross of Merit of the Hungarian Republic.

“The oeuvre of Stefan Lengyel not only sets an excellent example for our students, but also embodies the innovative, ambitious character of the university of the future. Strengthening his mentality is one of the important building blocks of MOME’s long-term success,”

—said Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy, President of the Foundation for the MOME University.

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