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From music to gastro?

The Pebble by Otherware set might just be the best selling product of 2020. It does not only target people committed to preserve our planet, but may also earn the appreciation of those enjoying eating tasty meals with nice utensils – even on the go.

Written by: Márk Szolomayer

The travel set created by Pentatonic and I am Other is so beautiful that even those get in the mood for hiking or camping who otherwise don’t go to the woods that much. Of course Pebble cannot only be a useful assistant for hikers. In these uncertain times, I would recommend it for anyone not trusting a simple single-use plastic set.

But where does music come into the picture?

The Pebble was made for an order placed by design company I am Other related to three-time Grammy-winner Pharrell Williams, under the motto “Bring-your-own-cutlery”. The Pebble is made of recycled CD disks, once again elegantly alluding to the musical roots of the product. This makes it a double eco-conscious product: it is made of recycled plastic, and it also allows us to avoid disposable plastic cutlery. Not to mention the fact that entire content of the package can be recycled, of course.

The package contains everything we might need for dining: a knife, a fork, a spoon, chopsticks and even a straw. Not only is the content amazing, the packaging is also quite impressive with its clean, pebble-shaped design. We can reach the desired piece of cutlery by “cracking” the pebble open. With the hanger outfitted on top of the case, Pebble can be a permanent accessory of any bag.

The cutlery set costs 55 euros, which is an absolutely acceptable price for such a finely-detailed, high quality and useful product. So buy it and dig in!

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