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Summer in the city | #stayhomecreative

We launched our #stayhomecreative series in the beginning of the pandemic, and now we might just as well rename it to #dontstayhomecreative, especially in the summer heat, when all we want is to be near water. However, not all of us can escape the heated up concrete jungle, so we must put some tricks to use to survive the sweaty, hot summer days. The continuously buzzing fan, the humming air conditioner or the inflatable pool installed on the balcony of the condominium unit are equally good solutions when the days are getting hotter. Sultry summer in the city, through the eyes of creatives.

Márton Bethlenfalvy | Instagram

Dávid Kozma | Instagram

Dorottya Marlok | Instagram | Behance

Gergő Máté Muszka | Instagram | Behance

Anna Nikolics | Instagram | Facebook

Kornél Rátkai | Instagram | Facebook

Andrea Rozner-Lender | Instagram | Web

Soma Sebesvári | Instagram

Iván Tamás | Instagram

Our #stayhomecreative mini series features creators whose work we keep an eye on and whom you should follow, too!

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