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vital houses | Mobile health centers during epidemics

We see more and more responses to the coronavirus pandemic on the field of architecture, too: for example, the Dutch Studio Prototype would combat future outbreaks with temporary health centers. 

The project titled “vital house” started off from the weakest point of the covid-19 pandemic: the response time and capacity of health care systems. According to the designers of Studio Prototype coming up with the idea, it is undisputable that we will have to face several epidemics in the future, and, therefore, it is of vital importance that we be prepared for such outbreaks and that we be able to respond to them quickly.

The temporary health centers could be assembled out of prefabricated wooden elements in the event of crises. In addition to basic care, such as the intensive care unit, the architects also considered humane needs: this is why a green inner patio is established in the center of the building, but they also designed a room where those infected can have safe contact with their visitors, as well as a space where the family can say goodbye to those who could not be saved. Furthermore, patients’ conditions would be observed in monitor rooms, and they would contribute to statistics with such data.

“As architects we can’t cure people, but we can make a contribution to make things more pleasant in the future for these people.” 

– added the designers of Studio Prototype regarding their project.


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