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Kosmos | Chair in another way

At the first glance, the Kosmos chair could give rise to some serious doubts, and may also seem quite uncomfortable; its peculiarity lies in the fact that it was designed by involving students and was tailored to their needs.

The designer of the chair, Polish Aleksandra Krzyżanowska started examining the needs and perspectives of students in relation to her diploma project, and she also used some of her own experiences as inspiration. She attempted to bring a solution to the problem of poorly designed school furniture – this is how Kosmos came into being.

The aim of the project was not only to create a chair that can satisfy the needs of several users ergonomically, but also to implement it in a cost-efficient manner so that it can be available in as many state schools as possible. 

Aleksandra also analyzed the Polish furniture market to resolve the problem. At the design process, it was important to her to keep the components of the product at minimum, and to also minimize the number of operations necessary during production. 

The designer chose a natural, moderate tone that softens the intense colors typically used in classrooms, and that can be used in any interior. In terms of structure, it is made of two parts: a seating part and a backrest. Its shape allows us to stack the chairs on each other easily, thus simplifying their storage and carriage.

It is made of WPC (wood-plastic composite), therefore, it’s extremely light. Another interesting trait of the chair is that it has three legs, yet however surprising this may sound, the construction is very stable and reliable.

Aleksandra Krzyżanowska Behance

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